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3M Di-Noc Suede Matt Finishes


Vinyl Detail Services

3M™ Di-Noc™ Suede Matte Finishes

The all new Suede Matt finishes from 3M Di-Noc

Visuals & Key Benefits 

  • Cost Effective
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Durability
  • Repairable
  • Texture – 3M™ Di-Noc™ has a realistic texture bringing the surface to life but not at the expense of durability.
  • Wide Range of applications.
  • Environmentally friendly

Lightweight and self-adhering, 3M™ Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes can be applied on site to the existing substrate, thereby reducing labour and material costs when compared to the installation of new, traditional materials. 3M™ Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes have excellent resistance to water, dirt and wear. With proven 12-year durability for indoor applications

With the right imagination and a creative mind every surface could be your next project, with hundreds of patterns, textures, and colours, Our range of Architectural films the opportunities are there to create stunning finishes on anything from walls, doors, counters, lifts, shopping stores, restaurants, bars, worktop, offices and more.

3M Endorsed DI-NOC Installer

The wide range of finishes including: wood, textile, leather, ceramic/slate, aged metal, stone, concrete, carbon, fine leather high gloss and much more.

We have added the 3M™ Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes brochure below.

3M™ Di-Noc™ Brochure

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Architectural Design Interior Finishes
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