Opus 4 asked us to help create a fantastic office space for their client’s new purpose-built contact centre in Lancaster. Ascentis wanted a bright and vibrant workspace to energise their employees.
We were given a brief of what Ascentis wanted in their new workplace and together we developed these ideas to create this magnificent new space.

Once we helped design, produced and installed all of the bespoke wallpapers, wall graphics and window manifestations along with interior and exterior illuminated signage for this stunning project.



  • Bespoke wallpapers including Alice in Wonderland, pink jungle & Harry Potter bookcase designs
  • Bespoke window manifestation produced using Matte White Vinyl
  • Bespoke wall graphics including Harry Potter themed archway, Angel wings & wall text
  • Internal halo illuminated acrylic letters mounted to internal moss wall
  • External halo illuminated powder coated letters mounted to building

Commercial Interior Design